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The Trim Dog Pet Centre is a family run Pet Supplies business based in the North of the Channel Island of Guernsey. We have been in business since 1987 and are a well established and trusted business, offering great value and a friendly service. Thebestof guernsey - showcasing the best businesses & events in Guernsey, Award Trim Dog Pet Centre their Five Star Business Certificate for achieving well over 100 reviews

Our Team

We Are Pet Enthusiasts!

We're a team full of animal lovers who eat sleep and drink adorable animals on a daily basis. Meet our fantastic team below!


Jan Olliver


A little bit about me. I was brought up on a sheep farm so was around various animals from a very early age. I own two parrots one being the famous Olly who used to live at the shop. Two cats a tortoise and a little staffie. I have always loved animals and enjoy working with them everyday, also meeting animal minded customers, really it's not like a job.

Jo Pitman Manageress

Jo Pitman


Jo has worked at Trim Dog for 15 years and is a very valued member of our team. Jo’s previous experience as a veterinary nurse has proved invaluable. When Jo is not running the shop she like nothing more than taking care of her two young cats, dog and parrot.

Debbie Holloway Assistant Manageress

Debbie Holloway

Assistant Manageress

Deb’s has worked for Trim Dog for the past 3 years gaining an insight into pet nutrition along with a couple of certificates in animal food. Debbies own pampered pet is a ginger and white pawed cat. Deb’s along with Jo and three part time staff help make Trim Dog the friendly pet centre.


Pat Wood

Part time staff

Pat works part time at trim dog and fills in when needed. pat has lots of experience with looking after animals and is a dog walker and takes dogs into her home.

Jo Pitman Manageress

Jo Trebert

Saturday Staff

jodie is one of our saturday girls she works mainly on a saturday afternoon. jodie has two dogs one of wich she shows. she has recently aquired a rabbit.

Debbie Holloway Assistant Manageress

Jodie Olliver

Saturday Staff

jodie is our other saturday girl and works mainly on a saturday morning.although jodie does not own her own pet she feeds and waters the little animals.jodie is the latest on our team and has picked the job up very quickly.

Our Pets

Nearly all our pets are sourced locally when possible, and are sexed correctly before you purchase them to ensure no unwanted breeding can occur. Click to view all our pets or click on an image below.
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We will health check any animal brought from us. We will also clip guinea pig and rabbit nails for a donation in any charity box you wish or you can support out charity of the month. We have eleven local charities we support and choose one to be our “Charity of the month”. We also support two dog charities, The Dogs Trust because they don’t euthanasia healthy dogs and we support a Spanish rehoming charity because some of these dogs now live in local homes. We also work with the GSPCA.

Featured Products


Only available from Trim Dog Pet Centre is Billy & Margot Iced Treats.

100% vegetarian, three flavours, Strawberry + Apple, Apple, Banana + Carrot, Honey + Banana!

Billy & Margot Iced Treats

Pet Food

Our Foods


Our New dog & cat FoodsThe CANIDAE® Commitment: A Healthier Today for a Longer Tomorrow. We all love our pets, and they love us unconditionally in return. This love drives our company to create foods and treats that are nutritious, delicious, and trustworthy. We never compromise on quality—using only carefully selected ingredients blended together in precise recipes that nourish your pet’s body.

Monthly Draw

All our customers are entered into our monthly draw using either their loyalty card or telephone number. On the last day of each month a customer on that day pull out a number and the winner has £25.00 to spend in Trim Dog Pet Centre

Our Products

Keeping your pets happy!

We stock all the top brands of food for all pets including fish and wild birds. We also have a large selction of self help foods?? (not sure what is called? dip and mix?).


Pet Food

Various sizes

From single tins to 25kg bags, we stock all makes and brands for your pet’s nutritional benefits.

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For all animals

We stock a wide range of chewable huggable edible and bouncy toys to keep your pets happy. We only stock high quality products as we don’t want you to waste your money on cheap items, its no fun for your pet or your pocket.
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Leads & Collars

All sizes all pets

We stock all shapes, sizes and colours of leads and collars to keep your pets safe when walking them,

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Gift Vouchers

In-Store Gift Vouchers

The ideal gift, we can supply you with a Gift Voucher for any value for use in the shop at any time.

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Ideal last minute present

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